Full Paper Submission Extended Due: 28 June 2017; Acceptance of Notification: 28 September 2017
United Board for Christian Higher Education IARSLCE 

Conference Sub-Themes:

  1. Engaging for change, changing for engagement (to cover issues around impacts on students’ life, impact on community empowerment-sustainability, and civic responsibility),
  2. Building the world we dream about: innovative pedagogy in the field (to cover issues around curriculum, pedagogy, students reflection, tackling local & global problems),
  3. Designing public interest: bridging teaching, scholarship and research for service – learning (to cover element of research in S-L),
  4. Navigating and negotiating service-learning world: deeper collaboration and cooperation for better outcomes (to cover issues of networking and partnership with universities and NGO’s),
  5. Other topics related to the conference theme.