Full Paper Submission Extended Due: 28 June 2017; Acceptance of Notification: 28 September 2017
United Board for Christian Higher Education IARSLCE 


Day 1 - 31 May 2017

  • Engaging Service-Learning: The Nuts and Bolts of Designing and Implementing Service-Learning Experience for Students
Dr. Florence Mc. Carthy Dr. Florence Mc. Carthy (Adjunct Associate Professor, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University)
 Florence McCarthy has been involved in international service-learning in the US since 1989, and since 2001 has been instrumental in the development of service-learning in tertiary institutions across Asia and Australia. This follows a long history of involvement with research and policy work focused on women’s issues, development studies, education, and more currently, with refugee issues. She has been Professor and Special Adviser in Service Learning at the International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan. She has also taught at Cornell University and Teachers College, Columbia University. Currently she is head of the International Development Education organization in Sydney, Australia.


  • Advancing Networking for Service-Learning Actors: Growing Together
Dr. Wong Wai Ching Angela Dr. Wai Ching Angela Wong (Vice President for Programs – United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia)
WONG Wai Ching Angela is the Vice President for Programs of the United Board, a doctorate of the University of Chicago. She was a long time faculty member of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, serving the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, and headed the Graduate Divisions of Cultural Studies and Gender Studies, the Gender Research Centre and many academic programs. Ecumenically committed, she was a member of the United Board of Trustees (2002-2012) and the Presidium of Christian Conference of Asia (2000-2005), the Chairperson (1995-1999) and Regional Secretary (1993-1995) of the World Student Christian Federation and Co-moderator of Congress of Asian Theologians (2000-2004). She has published widely in Chinese and English on topics of religion, gender and culture in Asia.


  • Cultivating Fruitful Life: Connecting Actions, Civic Duties, and Students’ Experience
Dr. Hannah Dr. Hana Amalia Vandayani Ananda, D.Min. (Founder and President of Yayasan Pondok Kasih, Indonesia)

Dr. Hana Amalia Vandajani Ananda is the Founder and President of “YAYASAN PONDOK KASIH” which mean House of Love , a non profit organization established in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1991. YPK exist to give hope to the poor and needy, grassroots, and the most marginalized people in society. YPK vision is "Be Peaceful My Country, Be United My Nation, Be Prosperous My People". YPK implement this vision through Holistic Integrated Sustainable Transformational (HIST) community programs. She holds two Doctorate degree a D.Min in ministry from International Institute of Church Management and a D.Div in theology from Everlasting chip Ministry University International California, USA.

Dr. Hana has received two highest acknowledgment from the President of Indonesia “Satyalancana Kebaktian Sosial” (2005) and “Dharma Karya Kencana” (2006).


Tommy Pacatang  Mr. Tommy Pacatang (Acting National Director and Resource Development Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia)

Mr. Tommy Pacatang is the Acting National Director and Resource Development Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.  Anchored by the conviction that safe and affordable housing provides a critical foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia has helped more than 50,000 families in 13 provinces through sustainable interventions in construction, rehabilitation or renovation of homes since its inception in 1997. Habitat for Humanity Indonesia also builds community facilities and other infrastructures in the areas where it is present.

Habitat has signed MOUs with several schools and universities in Indonesia to be a partner in their service learning programs


Dr. Carol Ma Dr. Carol Ma (Senior Fellow (Service-Learning) & Senior Lecturer (Common Curriculum), Singapore University of Social Sciences)
Carol Ma is known among SL academics as an active and passionate person in promoting SL. She is the founding member of the Service-Learning at Lingnan University. After working as the Associate Director of Service-Learning and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy for 10 years, she decided to move to Singapore to work as the Senior Lecturer (Common Curriculum) and Senior Fellow (Service-Learning) to teach and advice the development of Service-Learning at Singapore University of Social Sciences. As a young, energetic, and committed scholar, Carol has published books and articles about Service-Learning and aging on referee journals and expert papers in UNESCAP publication. She is currently the board of the Directors for both International Center for Service-Learning in Teachers Education and the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement.


Mr. Nanang Haryanto Mr. Nanang Haryanto (Head of Jatidukuh Village, Gondang Subdistrict , Mojokerto District, Indonesia)

Mr. Nanang Haryanto is the Head of Jatidukuh Village, Gondang Subdistrict , Mojokerto District. Born in Mojokerto in 1964, he was elected and became the Village Head from 1999 until 2007. In 2013 he was elected for the second time to be the Village Head until 2019. He was actively involved in helping drop-out school children and LSI surveys.

Under his management there has been infrastructure improvement  in roads, clean water and public facilities in the village. Related to the Internatonal Service-Learning, Community Outreach Program (COP), Mr Haryanto stated that the village has benefited from the service provided in the improvement of water quality by the program of Bio Sand Water Filter, and social interaction with foreigners. The villagers have become more open and learned to accept differences; they have learned to know different cultures and to interact with foreigners. The villagers, particularly children have been better motivated in learning and in getting along with COP participants


Gracia Fenta (Grace) Gracia Fenta (Grace), a graduate of Petra Christian University majoring Communication Science.
She is an energetic young lady who is well known as a big-hearted and people-oriented person who always takes her great role to give a lot of contribution to her community. Well it’s because of her big concern about development on social life. She participated in Community Outreach Program (COP), a popular International Service-Learning Program organized by Petra Christian University in 2014. She found friendship, experiences, how to serve others, and the most important thing is she found her calling at Community Outreach Program. Because of it, she continues to join in COP every year as a volunteer until today. She believes on her motto which is “Blessed to bless”, a motto that leads her to achieve what she wants to.


Dr. Juliana Anggono Dr. Juliana Anggono(Head of Institute for Research and Community Outreach of Petra Christian University (PCU), Indonesia)
Juliana Anggono is the Head of Institute for Research and Community Outreach of Petra Christian University (PCU) – Indonesia. Her office is running an international Service-Learning named ‘Community Outreach Program’ (COP). This COP has attracted many overseas students to join and live in the villages in Indonesia for 3-4 weeks to do Community Services. Dr. Anggono completed her Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Manchester in United Kingdom. Her Master degree was also completed at the same university. She received her first degree in Metallurgy from University of  Indonesia.  During her 18 years at Petra Christian University, Dr. Anggono served as the Head of Institute for Research and Community Outreach (2006-2008); Head of Institute for  Quality Assurance (2007-2009) and as Vice Rector for Administration and Finance (2009-2013). She is currently faculty member of Department of Mechanical Engineering at PCU. Her research interest is on natural fiber composites and ceramic synthesis. She has also an interest in studying the impact of S-L on students’ learning.



Day 2 - 1 June 2017

  • Making an Impact : Preparing Future Leader in Asia Through Service-Learning
Jekuk Chang, Ph. D. Jekuk Chang, Ph.D. (President of Dongseo University, South Korea)
Dr. Chang holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Keio University and a Juris Doctor from the School of Law at Syracuse University. He also holds an MA in International Affairs and BA in Political Science from The George Washington University.

After studying and being admitted as an Attorney-at-Law in the U.S., Dr. Chang worked in Tokyo at Itochu Corporation and Molex Far East North.

Dr. Chang has received the 11th Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation Award, the Individual Performance Excellence Award of Confucius Institute Headquarters, and Foreign Minister’s Commendations from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He holds honorary doctorate degrees from Mykolas Romeris University and Josai International University. Currently, he serves as Hungary’s Honorary Consul in Busan.


  • Service-Learning and Career Development : an Opportunity for Students Success
Prof. Edward Chen Prof. Edward Chen, D.Phil (Chairman of the Board, Hong Kong University Professional and Continuing Education - HKU SPACE)
Professor Chen is Chairman of HKU SPACE (School of Professional and Continuing Education), and Distinguished Institute Fellow and Honorary Professor of the University of Hong Kong.   He is also an independent director of First Pacific Company, Wharf Holdings, Delta-Asia Financial Group, and Hang Seng Qianhai Fund Management.
Professor Chen was President of Lingnan University (Hong Kong) from1995 to 2007, establishing it as a distinctive liberal arts institution. He was educated at the University of Hong Kong (B.A and M.Soc.Sc) and Oxford University (D.Phil). He has received honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Hong Kong, the Open University of Hong Kong, and Plymouth University.


  • Leaders’ Untold Stories : Engaging Service-Learning and Educating The Heart
Junko Hibiya Prof. Junko Hibiya, Ph.D. (President of International Christian University, Japan)
Junko Hibiya is the 10th president of International Christian University (ICU) in Japan. She received a BA in French studies and an MA in linguistics from Sophia University. She completed a doctorate in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania in 1988.
Prior to being at ICU, she has taught at Keio University and has been Visiting Professor at Dartmouth College and Columbia University. She has also served as director of the Japanese Language Programs, chair of the Division of Languages, director of academic reform, and vice president for academic affairs (VPAA). ICU successfully completed academic reforms in the undergraduate College of Liberal Arts and the graduate school during her tenure as director of academic reform and VPAA.


Professor CHENG Leonard K, BBS, JP Professor Leonard K. Cheng, Ph.D. (President of Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

Professor Leonard K Cheng is President of Lingnan University, Hong Kong. After his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, he taught at the University of Florida for 12 years. He joined the School of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1992, where he served as Head
of Economics, Associate Dean, Director of PhD and MBA programmes, Acting Dean and Dean. He joined Lingnan University as President in September 2013.

Professor Cheng’s research interests include applied game theory, market structure, currency crisis, international trade and investment, technological innovation and imitation, and China’s inward and outward foreign direct investment.


Prof. Tsui Kai Chong Prof. Tsui Kai Chong, Ph.D. (Provost of Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore)

Professor Tsui Kai Chong is Provost of Singapore University of Social Sciences since May 2005.

Professor Tsui serves on the boards of the Intellectual Property Academy, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and National Council of Social Service. He was Chairman of the Board of Keppel REIT Asia Management Limited, and served as a member of the boards of Keppel Land, Keppel Capital Holdings, Keppel TatLee Bank and Fullerton Fund Management Company Limited.

He served on the Intellectual Property Steering Committee, the editorial board of the Financial Analysts Journal and the board of CFA Singapore and chaired the Social Service Training Institute’s management and advisory committees.

Professor Tsui received his PhD in Finance from New York University in 1988 and his Chartered Financial Analyst qualification in 1993.


Prof. Ir. Rolly Intan, M.A.Sc., Dr. Eng. Prof. Ir. Rolly Intan, M.A.Sc., Dr.Eng. (Rector of Petra Christian University, Indonesia)
Prof. Ir. Rolly Intan, M.A.Sc., Dr. Eng., the Rector of Petra Christian University (PCU), was a cum laude graduate of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, Surabaya, in Computer Engineering. He became a lecturer in PCU’s Informatics Engineering Department (1998 - present). At the age of 39, he obtained his professorship in the field of computer science. In 2000, he completed his Master in International Christian University, Japan, under the Masters Scholarship Grant from Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia. In 2000-2003, he took his doctoral study under the grants from Meiji University and Japan’s government, given him a valuable experience as a Teaching Assistant (2001-2002) and Research Associate (2003-2004). He published more than 80 research papers in international journals, books and international proceedings.